A New Way to Value Artists

How fractional ownership of artist image rights can disrupt an exploitative and racialized cultural art market (Initial Brand Offering Part I)

Re-education on How We Value Things

For the past several hundred years, the Western world has been society’s cultural majority, and thus the value of art, whether created in the West or stolen by the West, has been evaluated by the West.

The Wealth of a Brand

Corporate Personhood to Human Corporatehood

Brand as a Business: A Case Study in the Entertainment Industry

Kanye west / Charlamagne interview — See video at 1:31:50

“The death of the music industry as we know it is near, because Artists are businesses. We’re not just Artists. Artists shouldn’t have managers, Artists should have CEOs. Let’s take someone like Travis Scott..How many Uzis (Vert) and Travis Scotts are there, and how many business people are there? I’d imagine there are far less Travis Scotts and Uzis. Don’t you think a Travis Scott would deserve the same amount of employees as a Dropbox in its first year, so that someday he can IPO for $10B? For artistry and artists, where’s the point where you IPO?” — Kanye West

The fact that you can become the best in a major global vertical, and never become a billionaire, poses major concerns for capitalist markets that have a disproportionate amount of minorities contributing toward the success of that industry.

Looking Toward the Corporatization of Iconic Brands

CEO of Emerging Impact, Former Head of ConsenSys Social Impact, @Goldman Alum, @Cisco Alum, @TFA Alum, Activist, Intense Autodidact

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