4 Things That Drive the Price of Bitcoin

  1. You need to know about the underlying Blockchain of Bitcoin, and the technological drivers and vulnerabilities of Bitcoin’s Blockchain.
  2. You need to know that “Bitcoin” and “bitcoin” are not the same terms. “Bitcoin” refers to the broader BTC Blockchain environment and “bitcoin” refers to the digital currency itself (otherwise referred to as BTC).

1. Segregated Witness (2MB) Agreements

  1. Bitcoin Unlimited aims to remove the block size limit altogether, thereby allowing the miners to reach a consensus on their own.
  2. SegWit offers a moderate increase of the block size to up to 4 megabytes moving some non-critical data out of the blocks.

2. Rootstock Sidechain

3. ETF Registration Expectations

4. Adoption & Buzz



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Robert Greenfield IV

Robert Greenfield IV

CEO of Umoja Labs, Former Head of ConsenSys Social Impact, @Goldman Alum, @Cisco Alum, @TFA Alum, Activist, Intense Autodidact